ROTN since 2009

Quake Story Time 

Once upon a time...there was a couple of noobs trying to join a clan...

They tried and tried and tried to win, only to hear "get better kids...then maybe come back again."

So they went to another and heard the same... "Boy this is getting really lame."

"Hey wait, I've got an idea, a thought...a pretty good plan! Why don't we start our own awesome, killer, really kick ass clan?"

So they did, and gone and done it. They created a clan that was "just for the fun of it"...a place without judgement or ridicule of skill, just as long as you weren't a dick, you fit the bill.

Revenge of the Noobz became, and this would forever change the game.

No noob was ever turned away, just because they couldn't play.

And so, the ROTN tag was seen far and near, where so many noobs rejoiced with laughter and cheer.

Over time ROTN grew stronger and stronger, and the team exclaimed "We will be lame, no longer!"

Sure enough as the sun will rise, they started winning matches, much to everyone's surprise.

They made their way to the big-leagues at last, taking second place in the World Freezetag Cup...what a blast!

True Story
A funny ending to this funny little tale... In the Cup, we beat out a couple of those top clans who first denied us...being called cheaters and hacks in public, then later in private being offered an apology and explanation that "they acted that way because they didn't believe we could beat them without a hack."

Thusly and officially earning our namesake...

Revenge of the Noobz